Turning Lead Into Gold

All the rage on teh internets right now is this Alton-Brownesque post on turning mediocre cuts of beef into prime time steakhouse delicacies. Never being one to shy away from quality time in the kitchen, at the grill and with a plate full of cow, I picked up a pair of inexpensive cuts from the meat counter at my local Spartan store and made with the salting. I used ground black pepper, cumin and Coriander rubbed into the steaks, both sides and salted heavily with large rock sea salt for 35 minutes. Rinsed and dried the steaks and gave em a fresh application of black pepper, garlic and the remainder of a "montreal steak" spice blend. Grilled over moderate heat (hardwood charcoal, not briquettes) along with a blend of shredded jack daniels oak barrel and shredded mesquite for smoke, about 3 minutes direct and 6 minutes indirect heat per side. Fancy schmancy, I know but this was a labor of science! The end result: Damn tasty. And tender. Next time I'll use a finer grind in the salt and wrap the salted steaks with glad wrap to make a tighter salt to meat contact and see what happens. So for those who were hesitant to give this method a try - I say go for it. It's time well spent in the pursuit of affordable steak dinners. -bp

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  1. Looks perfect! Try with kosher salt next time. But your steak looks delicious.


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