What’s For Dinner – Cheese Snob Edition

An afternoon discussion on another forum led to a stop at the local specialty food store to visit their cheese counter. The mongers were more than happy to feed my addiction and I came away with 5 examples of rotted milk at it's finest to indulge myself for the evening and stave off any cold shakes which could develop from lack of curd. Bucheron CheeseWhile all cheese is fair game, I have a strong tendency lately toward those made form goat's milk. That in mind, I procured the following: Fontina Fontal, Brie Florette, Bucheron, Montchevre Blue and Pyrenees Onetik. The Fontina is a cows milk cheese. Semi firm, mild and nutty in flavor. Nothing special. Probably won't bother with it again. Nothing wrong with it, mind you, simply underwhelming. Moving on to the Montchevre Blue - a very mild blue. I had expected, given it's goat milk origins, to have something with a lot of bite. It's simply not to be. Soft, buttery and as far as blue cheeses go, one of the mildest and least offensive I've tasted. This one too will probably receive a pass in future purchases. A new flavor to my tablem te Pyrenees Onetik is a sheep's milk based french cheese that is very buttery, has a wonderful texture and goes will with unsalted crackers do to having a bit higher of a saltiness to it. Sheep's milk cheeses are still new territory for me, so I haven't much to compare it to. The Bucheron, pictured above, is another frech variety made from goat's milk which I qualify as one of my absolute all time favorites. I've been enjoying this cheese for a while now and I never lose a taste for it. Bucheron is aged in log like rolls, with an inner core of tart white goat cheese, soft and a bit dryer than the little logs one finds in the regular grocery. The outer ring is a greyish color, very smooth and very salty, finished by a tender rind that is best left on and eaten, to privde a little extra texture.  Eaten in wedges, to combine all three zones of this treat is best. I am never disappointed with this cheese. Last on tonight's menu, is this week's winning new discovery - the Brie Florette, a goat's milk Brie. Very soft, creamy and absolutely the worst smelling thing in the bag. This cheese has a very characteristic aroma from which I expected a very tart and rotten flavor. I was pleasently surprised by a very smooth, buttery brie with just a bit of the token goat's milk tartness around the edges. This brie is better than any other I've tasted and I'm absolutely placing it on my regular purchase list. If you like distinct flavors and smooth textures, you'll find great rewards with the Bucheron and the Brie Flourette and milder more traditional market cheese experiences from the Fontina, Pryenees and the Montchevre Blue. Happy Fromaging and feel free to share your thoughts in the commets. -///
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