Mitten Whiskey

Past articles on The Rogue Estate have covered both Michigan Wines and Michigan beers from all over the upper and lower peninsulas - it's my great pleasure to present our first Michigan Whiskey review. I wandered past my favorite (read: second home) party store this evening (The 9 & Hilton Market in Ferndale, MI) and found a wonderful surprise on the new arrivals section: Zeppelin Bend Straight Malt Whiskey from New Holland Artisan Spirits, a subsidiary of the New Holland Brewing Company located in Holland, Michigan. I'll leave the telling of the back story to the New Holland website. Let's get to the drinking. The color, as you can see from the photo, is a pleasing gold, like any good whiskey should be after spending time in Oak. The nose is solid vanilla - as soon as the bottle is uncorked, there is no missing it.  Sipping this whiskey straight, it's candy sweet, lots of vanilla notes and a very harsh burn thanks to it being a high octane 90 proof. The drink immediately mellows out with the addition of a splash of cold water. The harsh burn disappears, the vanilla smooths out and the cloying sweetness gives way to a very smooth, very pleasing whiskey that can stand up to top shelf bourbons. At $37 per 375ML bottle, this is not a daily drinker for most. A real good special occasion sipper to have on the shelf and a point of pride for Michigan folks who have been following the growing spirits market in the state. New Holland also lists Rums, Vodkas, Gin and a "Hopquila" on their distillery site, so you can expect to see reviews on those products in the future as they become available to us here at The Rogue Estate.     -///
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