Quick Shot – Oliver Farm’s Chicken Bratwurst

New for Autumn 2011 from our friends at Oliver Farms, of Fostoria, Michigan: 100% organic chicken bratwurst!  What could inspire me to write about chicken anything? Read on! I received a pack of the brats for review, slow cooked 'em sealed in the vac-bag sous-vide method for 45 minutes, then brought them out to brown & finish in the cast iron. The result: a straight up honest chicken sausage. Oliver Farms uses a light hand on the herbs and seasoning which compliments the meat without overpowering the delicious subtleties of meat which came from real chickens, not battery birds homogenized into briny oblivion. The texture is fantastic. No gristle and chew, nor finely ground mush like mass produced products, but a real pleasant "hey this is real meat" mouth-feel and a satisfactory snap from the casing. As this is a chicken product, the bratwurst can be used as a lighter protein addition in any number of dishes that call for sausage or related forcemeats and will play well with most seasonings and sauces. This and other Oliver Farms high quality organic products can be ordered from their website and picked up at Farm markets located around southeast lower michigan, including Detroit's Eastern Market. See the Oliver Farms website for more information. -///
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