TBIFOM #07: White for Tapas

(The Bottle In Front Of Me is a series of somewhat regular, brief tasting notes from the Rogue Estate’s resident wine guy, Ian.) White for Tapas It's no longer news that Michigan (like much of the eastern U.S.) has had an early spring, with record-setting temps that make it feel like Summer. So at the risk of jinxing us all into colder temps, I thought I'd cover one of my favorite pairings with an affordable bottle. I LOVE Spanish-style tapas, and most of them are savory gems that are free of red meat. Try this, respectfully chilled, with the tapas you love.

A White for the Red drinker.

              ZOLO 2010 Torrontes (About $12) Learn more about the winery: http://www.vinodelsol.com/thewineries/zolo.html Learn more about the bottle in front of me: http://www.vinodelsol.com/pos/zolo/TechSheet_ZoloTorrontes.pdf SEE: An attractive dusty light gold. SWIRL: A clear even coat on the glass with slow legs. SMELL: Initial aromas of white peach & flowers and some faint smoke. Some minerality follows, stone fruits and tart apple. SIP: A definite warmth and tartness, with baked pear and and orange rind/pith following. Lime and sea salt hint at pairings. SAVOR: As it opens, this becomes a complex, warm, and golden bath over the food it is served with. It seems to embrace salt. Final impression: This will not contrast to or confound light Spanish classics--a great everyday wine for seafood or vegetable tapas. Pair with: Complex savory but not spicy dishes, saffron, shrimp, dry Spanish chorizo, sardines and young sheep cheeses. Avoid sugars and carmel flavors.

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