What Happens When a Couple of Foodies Marry?

You end up with and edible bouquet and boutineer! The bouquet is made from kale, amaranth, cayenne peppers, cilantro flowers, chive blossoms, ramps, purple onions, flowering broccoli, and rosemary.  It made for a tasty salad later on!Meg's Bouquet The boutineer was made from a radish, a kale leaf, 2 leaves of amaranth, and a flowering pea tip.  Jason got a little hungry, and thought it'd be a good snack.

Almost all of the items came from Detroit's Eastern Market, radishes came from Royal Oak Farmer's Market, and the cilantro and chive blooms came from our own garden.  Considering how much of a roll fresh, local food plays in our lives (and how much I'm really allergic to pollen!), it only made sense to incorporate it into the wedding somehow.

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