RE-born…. IT’S ALIVE!

A bit of technical housekeeping: It's certainly been a long time since we've had the luxury of a decent looking AND functional blog around these kitchens. But after a lot of inertia and hosting issues, here we are, at last! A new home and a new look. We've been keeping busy on Facebook, but while FB excels at the "quick and dirty" photo gallery type activity, it is rather ill suited for publishing recipes, reviews and meandering missives on contemporary culinary trends. In addition to revamping this old blog, the RE Twitter account has also been resurrected. So if twitter is your jam, we've got your covered there as well. Jack, Ian and I have all kept quite busy over the last couple years, even though you wouldn't know it from the blog posting habits. We've all got plenty of pent up energy, so you can expect to see more from all of us and perhaps a few others going forward. -///
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