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Established in the autumn of 2009 after a series of particularly successful BBQs and Dinner Parties, The Rogue Estate is an exploration of the very best in food, drink and related experiences. Current wings of the estate include this blog, a mobile BBQ business named RE BBQ, a Saucery and a kitchen mercenary gig which operates under the R.E. banner as well as our  "Chef's Night" test kitchen sessions and dinner party clubs, which we often write about on the blog and social media. The Rogue Estate Blog's cooking authors are: Bob "Macross" Perye, Jack Wynne and Ian Malbon. We also enjoy contributions from our irreverent alumni  and occasional guests including Sara Nicholas, Fargin Barstich, Patrick Freeman, Megan Heberlein, Brent Groth, Raquel and Kerry Gluckman, Jason Schubb and our very own Greek guy named Achilles "Chilly" Papakonstantinou. Everything here is written from first hand experience. We may reference and link to the works of others, but never without engaging in the subject directly. To this end, you probably won't see new posts every day, or even every week, but when we do post something it will be original content from first hand experience. This is work of love, inspired by our surroundings and experiences in our kitchens, markets, tobacconists, bars and eateries. We publish here in the hopes you'll find our recipes and information inspiring, educational and entertaining. Let's get cooking. -///

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