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Debut of “Brent’s Tongue Tastes Wine”

2010-01-08 20.32.30 Welcome to the debut post of "Where in the World is  Brent's Tongue". We will be embarking on a worldwide adventure, tasting wines that my tongue has enjoyed from different parts of the world. I will move from country to country with each post so as not to get stuck in any certain area or style of wine. I am by no means an expert on wine. I only know what I like and after drinking a whole bunch of wine over the years am fairly confident I can recommend a great bottle of wine and give a fair representation of what to expect. As far as my rating and descriptions go, I think for now I will just give my honest reaction to what I'm tasting, then a ranking on the "Brent's Tongue Scale" between 1 and 11 'cause this knob definitely goes to 11. I am not going to spend any time rating wines I don't like, maybe when distributors start sending me free bottles... hint... hint, so my ratings will be at the higher end of the "tongue scale", but hopefully after a few posts one can get a good idea of my tastes and thus your own tastes and be able to always drink a splendid bottle from anywhere around the world. Finally, the wine. For this post my tongue is dragging across the soils of Sonoma County California. I think I got a taste of hippie in my mouth -- gross. We'll be easing into this nice and easy with a decent zinfandel. As far as my own personal take on California wines; they don't excite me particularly. That is not to say there are not thousands of  fantastic wines in California or throughout the U.S.; I just have personal difficulty finding California wines that truly interest me so I have to look a little harder. That is why I chose this "Zin" for my first post. My tongue wants to represent all regions of the world fairly regardless of my own personal preferences. I've heard nothing but good things about Scherrer wines and their newest zinfandel peaked my interest. Scherrer's non vintage Zindandoodle is what they're calling it. The wine is a blend of the '06 and '07 vintages, something a little different that's why I was attracted to this "zin". Scherrer Zindandoodle represents zindfandels very well, it has all the great characteristics of a good zinfandel: juicy, bold, a little spicy, ripe with great texture and color. The Scherrer Zinfandoodle may not be the wine drinkers wine, but it would be perfect for pouring at a party where the majority of people are not avid wine enthusiasts. This wine should play well with the masses and great with what I would call party foods and believe it or not would probably cellar well for a  few years. One could find Scherrers Zinfandoodle for around $20 on-line or at markets with better wine selections. Brent's tongue gives this a 6 on the 11 point tongue scale. Something simple and easy, not too complicated and should go over well when entertaining.