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Great Plates: Sunday Morning Market Breakfast

Sunday morning's market fresh breakfast. THIS is real eating.

With much appreciation to our friends, the producers and vendors at Detroit's Eastern Market for this great plate: Beer bread from Avalon Breads, Blackberry Ginger Jam from Slow Jams, Eggs from Holtz Farm, Raw Milk and Maple Bacon from Oliver Farms. For those in other parts of the world - while you may not have direct access to the amazing foods being created in Michigan, it's still worth your while to seek out your local farmers markets and artisanal producers and vendors to bring the very best to your table. Here are some web resources that can help: Local Harvest market locator USDA Farm Market Search And cool apps for Android and iphone such as: Locavore Farmers Market Finder   With spring coming early, it's going to be a fantastic season! Get out there and buy real food from real people and we'll show you great ways to prepare it here at The Rogue Estate.  Got a favorite Farm / food website or app? Share it with us in the comments.   -///  
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