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New Feature 2: What the hell is he smokin’?

I'm a man of many vices and I'm O.K. with that - I make an effort to moderate my less than FDA approved indulgences. That said, tonight's other new feature is a chronicle of my "dirty" cigar hobby. It's true, in this day and age of anti-all-things-tobacco - I enjoy a good cigar.  I've never done any illegal narcotics, nor have I ever been a cigerette smoker or binge drinker, so this is my one real bad one. Let's enjoy it together, shall we?? ;) Tonight's volunteer from the humidor is a Trinidad Lonsdale. Tonight\'s volunteer
  • Trinidad Cigars
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra
  • Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Filler: Dominican, Nicaraguan and Peruvian
What started out as a light smoke has quickly and enjoyably evolved into a very rich and spicy treat. This one has been in my stash for a while, a gift from my sister. I'd never smoked a Trinidad before, so not knowing what to expect, I'd left it be for a few months. It's a perfect stick for tonight - super easy draw, great flavor and not an obnoxiously long commitment of time. I'll enjoy this one here in my office as I watch the sun setting outside my window.
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