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Six-pack Workout: Victoria

Taking a cue from Ian, with his fast growing back catalog of wine posts, and realizing that I'm not doing a good job countering that with scribblings on barley derived beverages (as is one of my duties) I've decided to start a short and sweet review series of my own. Having recently moved to the Chicagoland area, I thought it would be appropriate to start with a beer that is pretty popular out here, and that isn't available in Michigan, Victoria. Brewery: Grupo Modelo Country: Mexico Style: Vienna Lager ABV: 4.04% IBU: 20 Price point: $7.99/6 pack Color: Amber Head retention: Fair Aroma: Caramel and roasted malt. Very mild citrus notes of orange and lemon peel. Slight Hazelnut around the edges. Mouthfeel: Light body and medium-high carbonation. Tasting notes: The effervescence hits you right up front along side a mild sweetness. Blooming into a mild roasted malt bitterness as the fizz continues it's journey across the mid-palate. Hoppy finish that lasts just as long as you want it to, lingering sweetness. Pairings: BBQ, grilled meat, picnic and cookout food (brats, burgers, dogs, etc.) Comments: Made by the oldest and largest brewery in Mexico, Victoria is only available in limited markets here in the States. Should you get the chance to try it, I recommend you to take that opportunity. Very easy to drink and a great summer beer. This doesn't really say much, but all other Mexican beers I've tried do not compare. The intended Vienna style comes through, but with the little twist of being lighter, bubblier, and having it's own personality while still staying true to the expectations of the style. So next time you're out in Chi-town (especially if it's summertime and there are cookouts to attend), look for a 6 or a 12 of Victoria. Corona, Pacifico, and even Negro Modelo can all take a hike, this is a Mexican beer that won't make beer snobs roll their eyes. All Mexican beer really isn't crap after all! -Jack