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No press is bad press, but we'd rather prefer to collect the good stuff from our brothers and sisters of the 5th Estate. We're always happy to get our recipes and/or our ugly mugs featured via other outlets - if you want to write about our exploits or contract us to provide demos or consultation for your next cooking article, photo gallery, video or television show, get in touch! Here's a list of links to find out what other forms of media have been writing about The Rogue Estate: Real Detroit Weekly 03/14/12 - Traditional Irish Grub The Hungry Dudes 03/14/12 - Traditional Irish Grub (embellished) The Hungry Dudes 02/06/2012 - 5th Annual Rib Burn Out Ferdale Patch 02/04/2012 - Dino's 5th annual Rib Burn Out Real Detroit Weekly  02/01/2012 - Super Bowl Foods The Hungry Dudes 01/22/2012 - Hibernation Foods (embellished) Real Detroit Weekly 01/18/2012 - Hibernation Foods The Hungry Dudes 12/28/2011 - Dinner With The Rogue Estate Real Detroit Weekly 12/07/11 - Bazaar Foods  

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